Our Principles

We are an independent, membership-based organization whose constitution and strategy are driven entirely by its voluntary grassroots network, the General Assembly.

Financial Independency
We do not request or accept financial support from organizations that have a negative impact on nature and human rights. Our sponsors cannot define or change the values, strategy and priorities of the organization, which are developed independently by our grassroots network.

We do not compete, but rather establish partnerships and alliances with other civil society groups, whenever needed. We are the partner of BirdLife International in Turkey.

Nature Rights
Nature is valuable in its own right. Its diversity and processes nourish all forms of life. We therefore respect and advocate the rights of nature, as a universal principle of justice.

Nature Culture
Nature culture refers to long-term transformation of the way people think and act, to reduce the human footprint on the Earth. We believe that nature culture can be witnessed in the customs of various indigenous communities based on the common values of equity, cooperation and reciprocity.

Political Impartiality
Our work is not confined to any political movement and our grassroots network can embraces people from any political background. We oppose any form of discrimination based on nationality, race, ethnicity, gender, language, or religious beliefs.

Cultural Diversity
While we are a civil movement born in Anatolia, we understand that nature has no geographical boundaries and our responsibility goes beyond political boundaries or ethnical communities. We therefore consider cultural diversity as an invaluable asset to safeguard our fragile world.

Photograph: © Ahmet Karataş

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